Cast Acrylic Sheet

           JUXIN Plastic was extablished in 2005 and has nearly 20 years of produce and export experience in cast acrylic sheet . We are committed to providing the best quality cast acrylic sheet to customers around the world! 
          We are now sincerely inviting agents from all over the world. If you are interested in selling cast acrylic sheet, welcome to contact JUXIN GROUP!
Clear Acrylic Sheet
JUXIN Acrylic sheet not only has good transparency and corrosion resistance, but also is easy to process. JUXIN Plastic factory can customize various acrylic sheet products with thickness between 0-300mm, such as 2.8mm,3mm, 5mm, etc.
The main use of white acrylic sheet is advertising and light boxes, the market demand is very large, we accept all kinds of color customization. Welcome to Juxin to buy!
JUXIN thick acrylic sheet is mainly used for swimming pools, fish tanks, aquariums and other purposes. It can be customized in any size and thickness. Welcome to inquire!
JUXIN patterned acrylic sheets can produce fancy/ Translucent stone / French / Wood grain/ Marble vein / Pearl / Watergrain/Glitter/Pattern and more than 1000 colors, accept a variety of sizes to customize, welcome to inquire!
JUXIN frosted acrylic sheet color can be customized including clear, transparent,frosted,red,blue,white,black etcmore than 100 kinds of colors. No fading colour in outdoor at least 5-7 years.
JUXIN translucent acrylic sheet can be customized in a variety of colors, the best-selling colors are translucent red/blue, etc. Welcome to inquire!