JUXIN PVC Foam Board Size Details:
JUXIN PVC Board Hot-sale Size Packing Details:

      The general sizes of PVC Foam Board(Formex / Sintra Board size)produced by JUXIN Plastic : 1220x2440mm (4×8” PVC Plate), 1220x1830mm (24×36 PVC Panel), 1560x3050mm, 2050x3050mm, etc. We can accept any size customization!

      More Production Details 

                  Ⅰ:Thickness range: 0.8mm-55mm. Hot sale thickness is 1mm / 3mm / 5mm / 8mm / 10mm / 15mm / 16mm / 18mm etc…. 

                  Ⅱ:Density range:0.28-0.9 g/cm³.  Hot sale density is 0.32 g/cm³ 、 0.45 g/cm³ 、0.5 g/cm³ 、0.55 g/cm³ 、0.6 g/cm³ 、 etc…. 

      According to the different thickness 、different density、different color、different size of PVC Foam Board, It Can be applied to many different fields. Such as advertising industry, home furnishing industry, industry, automobile manufacturing industry, Handicraft industry ,etc….

      If you want to know more details about the size of  PVC Foam Board, welcome to CONTACT JUXIN PLASTIC!