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Cast Acrylic Sheet
JUXIN wholesale acrylic sheet can customize transparent acrylic sheets with different thicknesses ranging from 0.8-300mm,different size 1220*2440mm…and clear acrylic sheet transparency up to 93% !
JUXIN Extruded acrylic sheet is the department of solid PMMA particles by extrusion process production, by mechanical extrusion molding, machining performance is better, almost no tolerance, suitable for indoor.
JUXIN is a professional manufacturer factory for PVC foam Board,we mainly produce PVC foam board printing/ UV printing PVC Sintra sheet/ Printing pvc foam board etc…PVC is widely used for Advertising,Printing,Screen Printing,Digital Printing.
JUXIN Polystyrene sheets, scientific name polystyrene, is a transparent amorphous thermoplastic material, its light transmittance is second only to plexiglass. With polystyrene as the main raw material, the product is extruded, free coloring, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic, without fungus growth, and has the advantages of rigidity, insulation, good printing and so on.
Juxin Polystyrene light diffuser is extruded from new PS raw materials. It has a new double-sided structure developed based on the principle of optical refraction, which can achieve better light effects and completely eliminate the need for screen printing.More details contact JUXIN!
The production of arylic light diffuser, also known as plexiglass, with optical grade acrylic as material, the use of backlight mold line technology, through the high light conductivity of the light guide point, the computer on the light guide point calculation, so that the light guide plate light refracted into the surface light source light state manufacturing molding.
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