Marble Acrylic Sheet

Marble Acrylic Sheet
  I.Brand: JUXIN
  III.Popular Size1220x2440mm,1040x1830mm,1040x610mm..
  Ⅳ.Capacity2000 tons per month
I.Product Details:

          The marble acrylic sheet produced by JUXIN is a plexigalss sheet with a textured structure on the surface. It is transparent or colored. It usually has patterns such as tree stripes, large and small floral patterns, etc. It can also be refracted and diffracted at a certain angle with the light source. Reduce glare.

          JUXIN glitter cast can produce more than 1000 colors such as fancy/semi-transparent stone/French/wood grain/marble/pearl/water grain/glitter/pattern, etc. At the same time, for glitter acrylic sheet, we accept multiple sizes/colors/ Pattern customization.

         JUXIN glitter acrylic sheet is suitable for color and style in applications such as lighting, furniture, glass and art. It is also suitable for design projects of commercial offices, restaurants, hotels and high-end residences; as well as styling boards, sports equipment, breeding materials, beach moisture-proof facilities, waterproof wood, art materials, and various lightweight partition boards.

         If you want to know more about glitter acrylic sheet, and acrylic marble sheet, welcome contact us!

II.Packaging & Delivery Time

1.Packing Details : Packaged with PE film or craft paper, outside use thick box angel protected, wooden pallets.

2.Delivery Details : 7-12 days after confirm the deposit.

III.Customization Related

.Customized logo (Min. Order: 5000 Kilograms)
.Customized packaging (Min. Order: 5000 Kilograms)
.Graphic customization (Min. Order: 20000 Kilograms)

IV.Product Description
V.More Design About Juxin Glitter Acrylic Sheet
VI.Our Factory
VII.Our Packaging:
Q &AFrequently asked questions):

Q-1 Are you a factory/manufacturer or trading company

—A:JUXIN PLASTIC established in 2005 , we are the acrylic leading manufacturer in China.we are acrylic and pvc manufacturer with the brand “JUXIN” in china.

Q-2 Will the sheets come with PE film or paper masking?

—AOf coureseAnd we can also customize your logo on the masking if you need!

Q-3 What is your factory located

—AJUXIN located in xuzhou citynear qingdao port and shanghai port

Q-4 What is the softening temperature of acrylic sheet?

—AIt will soften if heated above 80 C. Considerable heat can be generated by machining, causing stress, so it is therefore very important that heat build-up is kept to a minimum.

Q-5 Sheets cover with pe films or Kraft paper

—AWe will determine the film paper to be used according to your requirements. Our sales staff will also give you professional advice. In addition, we can also accept logo customization.

Q-6 Can you provide free sample and color chart

—AOf course,just please contact our sales staff, and they will reply to you as soon as possible.


                                                                                                                                      For more questions and answers, please click here

Why Choose Us?

Advantages Of JUXIN Acrylic

☆.Small size tolerance(± 1mm;

.Almost any shape can be formed when heated to a flexible state, with strong plasticity;

.Be able to make thick sheet,high Tenacity and high strngth;

.Light weight: less than half of glass;

..Oxidation resistance:Best fit for out door use,Ads,Light Box,Ornament,Jewelry,Clothing Accessaries and etc

.Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance: acid and alkali resistance;

.Strong repairability, as long as the soft foam is dipped in toothpaste, the sanitary ware can be wiped new;

.Bright colors, which can meet the individual pursuit of different tastes, and have a good advertising effect.