Polystyrene Lighting Diffuser

Polystyrene Lighting Diffuser
  II.ApplicationLed tube light;Led flight light;grille lamp..
  III.Popular SizeWidth ≤1280mm, thickness between 0.8~15mm.
  IV.Regular ColorMilky white/Skin lines/Dull polish..
I.Product Details:

           JUXIN polystyrene lighting diffuser (light guide panel) is made of plastic organic sheets (extruded from new PS raw materials), and then uses high-tech materials with extremely high reflectivity and no light absorption, and uses a UV net on the bottom of the optical-grade organic sheets The light guide points are printed or engraved with plate printing technology. Now there is also a type that does not require silk screen printing LGP.

           JUXIN polystyrene lighting diffuser uses organic plates to absorb the light emitted from the lamp and stay on the surface of the organic plates. When the light hits each light guide point, the reflected light will diffuse to various angles, and then destroy the reflection conditions and emit from the front of the light guide plate. The light guide plate can be made to emit light uniformly through various light guide points of different density and size.

          The purpose of the reflective sheet is to reflect the light exposed on the bottom surface back into the light guide plate to improve the efficiency of light use; under the condition of the same area of luminous brightness, the luminous efficiency is high and the power consumption is low.

           JUXIN polystyrene lighting panels have the following features:

                  ★There are two types of light guide plates with double-sided structure that do not require silk printing, one is the “V-CUT + microsphere” structure, and the other is the “double-sided V-CUT” structure, which does not require printing and is suitable for double-sided light guide plates;          

                   Better light effect, the light effect is quite close to that of printed light guide plate;

                  Since there is no need for printing, there is no color temperature difference caused by weathering yellowing of ink, and it has a stable color temperature.

                  Excellent portability, PS density is much lower than plexiglass sheet, which greatly saves capital and transportation costs.   

          Due to its excellent performance, polystyrene diffuser is widely used in panel lights/downlights (used in homes, offices, shopping malls, public places, etc.), advertising light boxes, outdoor light boxes and other LED lighting fixtures, TV modules, LCD Display modules, mobile phone screens, etc.

          If you want to how to cut polystyrene lighting panelsPlease contact JUXIN

II.Packaging & Delivery Time

PE film or Kraft paper on bothside,then packed with pallet.

1.Surface protection : Both sides PE film or Kraft paper 

2.Packing method : By pallet (1000-2000kg per pallets, according to customer request)

III.Customization Related

.Customized logo (Min. Order: 20000 Kilograms)
.Customized packaging (Min. Order: 20000 Kilograms)
.Graphic customization (Min. Order: 20000 Kilograms)

IV.Product Description
V.Basic Information Of JUXIN Product
VI.Our Factory
VII.Trade Terms:
1. Payment : T/T,Western Union,Money Gram,Paypal  (30% deposit,Balance before delivery)

2. Delivery time : 7-14 days after get your deposit

Q &AFrequently asked questions):

Q-1 Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

—A:We are professional manufacturer experience. we are acrylic and pvc manufacturer with the brand “JUXIN” in north of china.

Q-2 How long is your delivery time?

—Afor 1x20ftusually takes 7-12 working days after receive your deposit

Q-3 What is your standard package ?

—ACommon package: PE bag+ Kraft paper and PE wrapping + protection corner + Wooden Pallets.

Q-4 Can you produce according to our samples? Can I get your samples?

—AYes, you can send us samples to check quality and produce as per your samples.Small samples are usually available with express service expense at our cost.

                                                                                                                                  For more questions and answers, please click here

Why Choose Us?

*Excellent super weather resistance

* High light transmittance

* Durable, 100% recyclable, non-toxic

* Moisture-proof, insect-proof and salt-proof

* Wide range of uses and low maintenance costs

* Excellent anti-UV function

* Excellent electrical insulation

* Has good chemical resistance, etc.