What Is Mirror Acrylic Sheet

What Is Mirror Acrylic Sheet

By:Lois Liu

      Mirror acrylic sheet, the mainly material is PMMA, mirror acrylic sheet is a type of extruded acrylic sheet.

      Let’s first take a look at the production process of acrylic mirror sheet.

    ①Placing the transparent extruded acrylic sheets into a vacuum plating machine and take them out after vacuum plating.
    ②The metal used in mirror acrylic sheets is mainly aluminum strips. The aluminum strip turns into steam in the machine and forms a coating on one side of the transparent plate, turning it into a mirror acrylic sheet.
     ③ After being coated by a vacuum coating machine, the surface of the acrylic plate has a mirror surface formed by a metal mechanism.

     This mirror effect is very close to that of a glass mirror.

     Therefore, it is called acrylic mirror sheet. Mirror acrylic sheet has the advantages of being lightweight, not easily broken, easy to mold and process, and easy to color. The plasticity of acrylic mirror sheets can be said to be very good.

Features Of Mirror Acrylic Sheet


   It has excellent chemical stability and weather resistance, and has good resistance to acidity and alkali, so when outdoors, the acrylic lens will not be corroded by the harsh outdoor environment.

   It can replace glass lenses. Everyone knows that glass lenses are the most common lenses. The biggest advantage of this lens is that it has high light transmittance and is more commonly used. 

   However, it has a major drawback, which is that it is careless. If it breaks, it will cause subsequent damage. Mirror acrylic solves this problem very well.

   Strong impact resistance, resistant to falling, not fragile, and good toughness. The acrylic lenses currently used are generally one meter high, and there will be no trace at all 

   when dropped on the ground, but if they are replaced with glass lenses. Even if it is 20 centimeters high, it can be broken into pieces.

   The surface of the acrylic mirror sheet is clear and bright, and the effect is lifelike. 

    The plate surface has passed the industrial-grade dust-free standard special electroplating process in the electroplating workshop, making the surface imaging reflectivity extremely high. 

    The mirror image is clear, the board is clean and translucent without impurities, it is environmentally friendly and safe, and can be heat treated and laser cut. It is widely used and is often used in display cabinets, kitchen door panels, commercial space ceiling applications, open kitchen countertops, wardrobe door panels and many other places. 

    The basic characteristics of acrylic mirror sheets can be seen from the presentation effect of the mirror surface.


   High gloss. The gloss of acrylic lenses can look 99.99% glossy, and the surface of the mirror plate has an obvious high-gloss effect. The color is bright, the fonts are exquisite, there are many shapes, and the light conductivity is good. 

   It is crystal clear under the light, rich and luxurious. The special color saturation and excellent gloss make it crystal clear and shiny under the sun, so many people like to use acrylic lenses to make trophies, medals and the like, which look high-end.

   Strong plasticity, easy to process. After heating by high temperature, the acrylic lens can be modified according to the shape, or the image can be modified by laser, according to demand, customized, very convenient.

   Acrylic Mirror Sheet coloring is easier. Compared with glass lenses, the different properties of the two materials lead to many problems in coloring and they are easy to fall off. 

   This is also because the glass is too flat and smooth and is insoluble in plastic. The characteristics basically establish the advantages of plastic lenses over glass lenses.

   The lens has a rich paint film, and the surface of the acrylic mirror panel is made of resin material with a paint-like craftsmanship.

   The surface is smooth and easier to clean.

Mirror Acrylic Processing Methods And Precautions

1)   CNC engraving
    Before engraving the acrylic mirror plate, cover it with a protective film as needed. Pay attention to the adsorption and fixation of acrylic mirror panels. After engraving, clean up the debris and pay attention to scratches on the plate. 

   If you engrave using water, please note that the engraving surface is highly stained with protective film. For acrylic mirror panels with different processes, pay attention to the running frequency of the engraving machine and adjust the knife speed. 

   Watch out for debris when packaging to avoid crushing.

2)  Screen printing and baking
   Different types of acrylic mirror sheets use different types of inks. Before using acrylic mirror panels of different brands, the ink ratio should be tested to avoid poor adhesion and different colors after screen printing. 

   The plate is easily deformed when heated, which is a physical property of chemical materials. In order to avoid serious deformation, the baking time should be adjusted according to the thickness of the board. When baking single-sided coated boards, pay special attention to whether the protective film can withstand high temperatures. 

   If the deformation is serious after baking, it can be restored by heavy pressing, or baked before silk printing. The plate can reduce the chance of deformation. Acrylic sheets have water-absorbing properties and have strict requirements on the temperature and humidity of the process environment and storage of finished products. 

   Appropriate consideration should be given to the extension range of the sheets to reserve space for the products.

Acrylic Mirror Sheets Storage Precautions:

   The storage of optical grade boards should be maintained at constant temperature and humidity, stably controlled at 25°C, and the humidity controlled at about 50%. Avoid sunlight, wind and rain.

Commonly Used Product Specifications For Acrylic Mirror Sheets.

   The acrylic mirror sheet is an acrylic panel formed by extrusion of polymer raw materials. The light transmittance is above 93%. The flatness tolerance of the entire panel is within two wires. It is then plated by an electroplating machine. Acrylic mirror sheets can be produced in a thickness range of 0.8mm-6mm, and the conventional mirror panel size is 1220mm*2440mm.
    From the classification of acrylic mirror sheet, it is divided into single-way mirror, semi-lens, and double-way mirror. The color can be divided into silver, gold, yellow, blue, pink, purple and other colors, and the color can be customized. 

    We support customized services and can make customized cutting according to your requirements. We have more than ten production lines and 18 vacuum plating machines, with high daily production capacity. So the delivery time is short and the shipment is fast.

Identification From Other Mirrors.

   There are often some shoddy products on the market, such as PS mirror panels pretending to be acrylic mirror panels. As a buyer or wholesaler, you must learn to identify them. 

    PS mirrors can only be cut into rectangular shapes of a certain shape, with rough and fragile edges, and the back is blue; while acrylic mirrors can be cut into squares, circles, and other shapes, with smooth edges and gray backs.

Exclusive Sheet Material For Optical Space.

    Due to its many characteristics, mirror acrylic sheet has become an exclusive plate material for creating optical art spaces. It is widely used in interior decoration and design, such as clubs, KTV, dance studios, gyms, large-area ceilings, wall decorations, and cosmetic mirrors. 

    In terms of advertising, it can be used in some advertising characters and luminous characters, such as abyss acrylic, abyss mirror characters, and thousand layer mirrors. This material can be used to create very beautiful effects. In terms of small handicrafts, it can be applied to children’s toys, tray decorations, earrings, hairpins and other foods.

    Of course, mirror acrylic sheets also have the following disadvantages. First, the surface hardness is poor, not wear-resistant, and the surface is easily scratched; second, there will be some visual distortion, and third, under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, acrylic will age.

    Therefore, according to the characteristics of poor hardness of acrylic, JUXIN Plastic Group has developed a special process to deal with more thin and fall-resistant acrylic mirror sheet, multi-color shining mirror board can brighten the space, luxury and advanced.        

      The surface has been hardened to make it more scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. It can be directly made into various radian shapes, with a thickness of 3 mm and adhesive installation. With hard mirror plate, both sides can be produced, easy to clean, light weight. It is suitable for transforming the bar, wall, bottom, bathroom and other Spaces.